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We are a Pledge1-company because we believe in giving. We therefore give a percentage of our equity, time, products, services or profits to charities.

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A force for Good

We put Good first
In everything
we do.

Pledge 1 company

We put impact first in everything we do. We believe that businesses can and should be a force for change by finding Corporate Social Responsibility in the heart of what we do.
We always look for the right balance between people, planet and profit. We firmly believe that we need changemakers to speed up sustainable transitions and build the world of tomorrow. A world in which the status quo is based on honesty, responsibility, sustainability and inclusivity. A world in which clean energy, sustainable production, transformative education and cultural innovation are the standard.

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SDG's of UN

We want to bring change by integrating 'giving back to the community' in our corporate culture.
We believe that the capacity for change is in the hands of businesses if we see ourselves as 'a force for good'.
And we therefore see it as our role to collectively motivate the rest of the world to implement positive change and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.